Payment Testing

NML is the leading provider of payment testing services in GB and operates out of two laboratories, one in Wolverhampton and one in Glasgow.


 Payment Testing


NML offers a full range of payment testing services with the range of tests, frequency of testing, method of reporting etc all set in accordance with individual client requirements. This service is provided 7 days a week and every day of the year. Both labs operate for 19 hours each day with payment testing largely conducted at night to ensure results are available for milk purchasers and dairy farmers as quickly as possible after samples have been collected off farm.
NML operates two sites in GB (in Wolverhampton and Glasgow) so offers dual site security to its payment testing clients. Both sites are fully accredited under UKAS.

 Sample Collection          

NML's payment testing service includes a sample collection service using its own refrigerated van fleet. This fleet currently collects milk samples from over 100 depots across GB, with the temperature monitored through the use of on board temperature data loggers.  


NML is able to provide all the consumables necessary to support payment testing, including pots, dippers, labels, racks for pots etc. These consumables are delivered to relevant depots by the NML transport fleet.

Frequency of Testing

NML systems are designed to be flexible such that the frequency of testing is set in accordance with the requirements of each client. In addition each client is able to set its own rules for follow up testing and retrospective testing following ‘out of line' results or ‘failures'.

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 Reporting of results to processors

NML offers a range of reports to its clients in both .csv and pdf form and is able to deliver specific reports for automatic upload into payment systems. These reports, which are either emailed to the client or sent via ftp, are supplemented by the NML client website. This website (link to Phoenix page under Milk Processors section) allows payment testing clients to interrogate the NML database directly in terms of producer details, samples submitted, test results etc. All NML test results are archived for 5 years in accordance with UKAS requirements.


Reporting of results to farmers 

NML is able to offer a full range of reporting options for the despatch of results to farmers. These include the despatch of results by:
- Post
- Fax
- Email
- Txt message
- Web

NML's automated reporting systems are able to cater for multiple reports by multiple methods, ensuring that results are provided to all parties involved in managing the dairy herd.
NML's web based reporting system for farmers, Milk Quality Monitor, is available free of charge to all dairy farms that secure their payment testing through NML. Click on the link to Milk Quality Monitor and enter the site using User Name: demo and Password: demo to see how results are presented. To access MQM results all that is required is a user name and password. This can be secured through calling the customer services desk on 03330 043 043.. 


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