Overview of services

NML offer vets a variety of milk, blood and tissue testing services for a variety of diseases including Johne’s, BVD, IBR, IBR-gE, Leptospirosis, Neospora and Liver Fluke.  Furthermore, mastitis services are offered which include both qPCR testing and plant hygiene bacteriology. 

Testing with NML offers numerous advantages. In particular, bulk milk samples are stored for payment purposes and can be used for testing.

Logical approaches to testing

NML offers the CHeCS accredited Herdwise scheme for Johne’s testing within dairy herds.  This quarterly testing regime takes advantage of milk recording samples taken from the herd. 

NML also recommends its BVD Herdcheck.  This is a logical open testing protocol that provides a cost effective way to monitor BVD within both dairy and beef herds. 

Both schemes take the hard work and monotony away from the testing and allow vets to concentrate on the application of the results to form tangible solutions for the farmer.


Vets can gain access to their clients’ results where the relevant authorisation has been granted. Results can be made available in a variety of formats.

To access a third party authorisation form please click here.

Vet Support

Should you wish to discuss testing options or interpretation of results, support is now available from our Veterinary Technical Advisor Karen Bond MRCVS -




Quarterly Johne's Testing Service

The First Step in BVD Control